Why Do I Look Older Than My Age??
April 13, 2022

Why Do I Look Older Than My Age??

You may have noticed your skin looking older than your actual age - that can actually happen. There are a lot of reasons as to why your skin may be experiencing premature aging, some things we cannot control (like actual aging) and there’s some that we can control (not moisturizing). 

Youthful looking skin is something we all aim for and it’s possible, but first, you should know what causes skin premature aging so that you can better tackle this issue. 

Here are reasons why your skin may be prematurely aging and what you can do about it:

Not Wearing Sunscreen 

UV rays are very damaging to the elastic fibers that maintain your skin’s firmness, allowing your skin to sag, promoting fine lines and wrinkles. Without SPF, sun exposure will cause your skin to deteriorate, taking away youthful skin. UV rays can penetrate through your windows, so it is still recommended that you apply sunscreen during the day regardless of staying in or going outside.

Blue light can also cause premature aging, damaging your skin cells which speeds up aging. So, even if you’re not stepping outside, your devices will cause the same damage as the sun would without SPF. 


This is one of the reasons that we cannot control. The pollution can cause free radicals to harm skin collagen and elastin, breaking down the essentials of a youthful skin. 

We still have some form of control in this situation - through skincare. There are ingredients that fight against pollution such as antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E) which neutralizes free radicals.


Dehydration inhibits skin cell turnover, allowing for clogged pores and dull complexion. Lacking proper hydration will cause decreased elasticity promoting fine lines and wrinkles 

You can use water-based products like Hyaluronic Acid which traps moisture in your skin. Limiting alcohol and caffeine intake will also help with this issue, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep as well. 

Poor Lifestyle Habits 

Smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol can cause rough skin texture and dryness, promoting lines and wrinkles. 

Smoking a lot can suffocate the skin because of the reduced circulation and oxygen level in the blood.It also causes blood vessels to become thin, unable to plump the skin.

Alcohol dehydrates the skin depriving skin the moisture it needs. 

Lack of sleep can also cause skin premature aging. Without adequate sleep, your skin doesn’t get enough time to replenish itself making your skin look very dull and tired.

It’s never too late to start fighting skin premature aging, invest in skincare products that target skin aging and ALWAYS wear your sunscreen. And develop a healthier lifestyle that optimizes your skin and body’s health.