What’s Your Type? Skin Type, That is.
August 31, 2021

What’s Your Type? Skin Type, That is.

Before I really started taking care of my skin, I had no idea that I have a “type” of skin. So I just started buying whatever was on the shelf. But we all have a certain “type” of skin and depending on what it is you have to tailor your skincare routine to get the best results for your appearance. 

So, let me help you identify your skin type so that you can take better care of your skin. Once you know, it will help you understand what your skin needs, what products you should be buying and what ingredients you should be looking at. Let’s begin...

There are 5 major skin types and you’ll probably fall into one of them. But keep in mind that factors like hormones, diet, genes, where you live and places you spend most of your time will make your skin type unique.

Skin type #1 - NORMAL

This is a skin type that I think a lot of people would die for! This skin type is unfazed. Normally, people with this skin type experience rare breakouts, they have no severe sensitivity to different products or internal and external changes. And their skin is well-balanced, meaning, it’s not too dry and not too oily. If you have minimal issues with your skin, this would be your skin type. Lucky you!

Skin type #2 - DRY 

If you always feel the need to hydrate or moisturize your skin, or you are prone to irritation, peeling and itchiness then, you might have a dry skin type. The reason for all of this is the lack of production of your natural face oils. People who have dry skin are more likely to have uneven skin texture, suffer from red patches, have more visible lines or wrinkles but less visible pores. If you have this skin type, you should be looking at products and ingredients that focus on hydration and moisture, like Hyaluronic Acid.

Skin type #3 - OILY

Ever had your picture taken and your face looks shiny? You may have oily skin. People with this skin type are more likely to suffer from skin issues and breakouts because of the enlarged pores caused by the excess oil. If this sounds like you, using skincare products with salicylic acid will help reduce these issues. 

Skin type #4 - COMBINATION 

If you’re still kinda confused as to which skin type you’re most familiar with, then you might have a combination skin type. This could mean that you’re oilier on some parts of your skin while the rest is dry. If you constantly battle with an oily T-zone but the other rest of your face is dry or even normal, then ding ding ding! Makes the two of us. Since most skincare products are designed to add moisture to your skin, I would recommend using a skincare regime similar to just having oily skin using products with salicylic acid to cleanse and serums and moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Skin type #5 - SENSITIVE 

You got it right, this is the opposite of the unfazed and can’t be bothered ‘normal’ skin type. People with sensitive skin are more reactive than usual. If your skin is easily irritated by different products and changes in the body, environment or the weather then, this is you. The key to caring for your sensitive skin is through gentleness. Make sure that you’re choosing gentle products and you’re not over washing or exfoliating.