To Tone or Not to Tone, The Purpose of Toner
September 29, 2021

To Tone or Not to Tone, The Purpose of Toner

Despite the amount of information, articles and videos about Toners, I think a lot of people are still confused as to what a Toner really is. You’ve definitely heard of it, you’ve definitely seen it in skincare videos and you’ve probably seen your significant other use it - but what is it?

There’s a lot of misconceptions and confusion around Toners, are they good for you? Do they dry out your skin? Is it necessary? 

Toners had its evolution - the first generation of toners were strictly focused on treating acne and oily skin, so it contained a lot of alcohol and was very drying on the skin. But toners today are known to treat a variety of skin concerns and no longer cause the dryness and irritation that it was known for. 

What does it look like? 

Toners can come in water or gel-based consistency. Depending on the toner, it can contain acids (not the bad type), glycerin, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

What does it do?

  1. Acts as another cleanser - it removes the last traces of dirt, bacteria and impurities on your skin. 
  1. Minimizes the appearance of pores - because toners remove excess oil and cleans the skin, removing the dead skin cells that accumulate around the pores, your pores will look tighter and smaller. 
  1. Restores skin’s pH level - this is a benefit of Toners that is underrated. Restoring your skin’s pH level is very important, without a balanced pH your skin will be prone to flakiness, redness and acne. Balancing this will help your skin look smooth, and will improve your complexion. 

When should you use it? 

  • Apply your toner after cleansing, before your treatments like serums and moisturizers.
  • Apply it both in the morning and evening. When applying toner in the morning, make sure you finish your routine with sunscreen. 

How to apply?

You can do so in two ways:

Apply with a cotton pad or your palms. Make sure you don’t miss your neck too!