Skincare Tips When Travelling
November 24, 2021

Skincare Tips When Travelling

We can all travel again (sort of) and that’s exciting! What’s not exciting is the fact that we can’t bring everything with us and our skincare routine can get disrupted, negatively impacting our skin. Not to mention, the dry plane ride. I honestly can’t relate to people who look fresh after a flight! 


The lack of humidity in the aircraft cabin dehydrates our skin. As enticing as it can be to have a fun supply of ‘beverages’ on the flight, don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water - before, during and after your flight. 


On top of drinking water, applying moisturizers and your hydrating serums is one of the simplest and best things you can do for your skin while travelling. If you have a thicker moisturizer that you may be saving for winter, use that. Making sure that your skin isn’t dry will prevent irritation, which is the last thing you want to worry about when travelling. 


Making sure that everything is compact can be a hassle, but if you don’t want to stress your skin out, try your best to maintain the skincare regimen that has been working for you. Obviously you have to make sure everything is travel sized and airport friendly (so the airport security doesn't throw out your favourite moisturizer). You can buy travel sized containers and transfer your products in there or invest in mini size products - that way it’s easily accessible and compact. 


Even if you’re usually an indoor kind of person, chances are you’re going to be outside for most of your trip. So, slather on your SPF throughout the day to avoid sun damage on your get away. 


While it is very important to stick to your regular routine, it is just as important to adjust your skincare to your destination’s climate. If you’re going somewhere significantly warmer, make sure the products you’re using are non-comedogenic or ones that won’t clog your pores as they are easily clogged in warmer environments. But if you’re going to a much colder destination, make sure you’re being extra generous with your moisturizer and hydration to avoid dryness and dullness. 

No matter where you’re going, dedicate time to your skin. We can get carried away and caught up with travel agendas, but it’s a lot easier to maintain good skin than it is to deal with issues when you come back home.