How to Prevent Wrinkles and Age Gracefully
January 07, 2022

How to Prevent Wrinkles and Age Gracefully

We may not be able to slow down aging, but skincare technology today definitely allows us to slow down signs of aging.

There are multiple skincare products and procedures that help with wrinkles, minimizing its appearance and slowing down its development. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things you can do:


Prevention is always better than correction. Sunscreen will help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

A sunscreen with at least 30 SPF protection that fights against UVAs and UVBs is recommended. 

If you’re spending time and money on special anti-aging creams, treatments and serums but don’t apply sunscreen, all of those will be useless! 


Antioxidants (vitamin C serums, glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc) will protect your skin from environmental damages caused by free radicals. 

Because free radicals are highly linked to aging, using products that protect your skin from free radicals will help with wrinkles and development of fine lines. 

Antioxidants can be found and bought over-the-counter, so it’s never been easier to get.


Retinoids are perfect for prevention and maintaining a youthful look. Retinoids help your skin produce more collagen which are responsible for skin elasticity and hydration allowing your skin to look supple. 

Retinoids also help stimulate the production of new blood vessels, improving skin complexion. 

Direct Skin Procedures 

If you’re past home remedies and prevention and want to take it to the next level, skin direct treatments are effective in preventing wrinkles:

  • Botox: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, relaxing facial muscles softening fine lines and lifting the skin. 
  • Laser skin resurfacing: Precisely removes the outer layer of the skin, reducing fine lines and irregularities. 
  • Fillers: Fillers often consist of Hyaluronic Acid that fill in hollows, lines, and wrinkles.