How to Pop Your Pimple Properly
December 29, 2021

How to Pop Your Pimple Properly

What is that thing sitting on your face?? There’s something about a big zit that makes you  desperately want to pop it…fair enough. I mean, they make a whole show on tv about popping pimples. 

It is recommended from all skincare enthusiasts and professionals to leave your pimples alone - don’t pick, don’t squeeze and don’t pop! 

But we get it, sometimes you just can’t help it (been there bud). 

Surface pimple

If your pimple doesn’t seem too deep, applying a warm compress for 10 minutes about 3 times a day can help that pimple come up to the surface, making it a whitehead.

If there is a whitehead, thoroughly wash your hands and your face and use a tissue to gently squeeze out the pimple gunk out through that whitehead.

It’s important that you wash your hands before picking at your pimple, otherwise you’re gonna make it worse, possibly infecting it.

It’s also important that you do it with a tissue, not your bare fingers and nails. 

If you don’t see a whitehead, abort mission (this will make the pimple gunk stay in deeper, keeping it on your face longer). 

Deep pimple

Deep or blind pimples are something that are not as obvious as a surface pimples because it doesn’t have a head. You can usually feel it on your face, beneath the skin surface.

If you try to pop this kind of pimple, you are risking your skin for infection and deep scarring. It will look super visible and will delay the healing process. So leave these ones alone.

If this is recurring and bothering you a lot, see a dermatologist for prescribed treatments and procedures.