Growing Your Beard is Not the Same as Growing Hair on Your Head
August 31, 2021

Growing Your Beard is Not the Same as Growing Hair on Your Head

Why is growing facial hair so different than growing hair on your head? There are so many factors that come into play that impacts your ability to grow a beard. 

Let’s dissect and analyze...

#1 - Genetics 

Your genetics are one of the biggest factors that determines the type of beard you’ll grow. As men, we have androgen hormones that develop masculine traits, like facial hair - these hormones are significantly influenced by our genetics. So did your Dad have an amazing beard? You have a higher chance of having one too. 

#2 -  Diet 

Your diet also influences the growth of your beard. Having a healthy and well balanced diet will help not only your body but also your facial hair. Lacking certain proteins and nutrients will prevent your beard from growing healthy. Consider taking biotin and collagen supplements, which help with hair growth.

#3  - Exercise 

Exercising improves your blood flow - specifically weightlifting and strength training will increase your testosterone levels. And increased testosterone levels are associated with stronger facial hair growth! 

#4 - Sleep 

Just like with diet and exercise, sleep (or lack thereof) affects your beard too. Sleep deprivation (less than 6-7 hours per night consistently) affects testosterone levels since testosterone peaks during sleep, so get your Zzzz.

#5 - Age 

As we all know, it’s uncommon to see young boys with fully grown beards (although there’s always exceptions!) But more often than not, males under the age of 20 won’t have fully grown beards because the rate of beard growth increases with age. So you’ll likely find that as you age, your rate of growth will increase too. 

#6 - Cleaning your beard 

Good hygiene is a Must when it comes to facial hair. Cleansing your beard removes any dead skin cells and dirt which will prevent irritation. This will also help the skin under your beard be cleaned and well kept. Adding a good quality beard oil after cleansing will help moisturize the skin underneath and add nutrients to your beard.