Are You Washing Your Face Enough?
August 31, 2021

Are You Washing Your Face Enough?

Did you wash your face this morning? How about last night? We may not wear makeup or sunscreen (although you should wear sunscreen…), so you might be thinking you don’t need to wash your face very often, or at all. 

But unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what your skin type is, or what you put on your face (or don’t), you should be washing your face daily - once in the morning and once at night - to maintain healthy skin. 

The Morning Wash

Yes, you need to wash your face in the morning because bacteria doesn’t sleep… but bacteria loves when you’re asleep! The bacteria from pillows and sheets get on your face as you sleep and while it’s best to wash your sheets once a week, let’s be you??

Properly washing away the dirt that accumulates on your face at night also preps your face for your morning skincare routine. This will reduce your chances of breakouts and will let your skin breathe. 

The Night Wash

This is the most important wash of the day. Sometimes you can get away with skipping the morning wash, but if you’re not cleansing before going to bed this one change to your routine will be a game-changer. 

Washing your face at night can prevent skin issues like acne breakouts, clogged pores, dullness, mitigate issues like rosacea and you’ll also lessen the appearance of wrinkles through hydration - who doesn’t wanna look young! 

The evening facial cleanse followed up with a skincare routine will take your skin to the next level.

But Too Much of a Good Thing...

Washing your face too often is also an issue. Do you shower in the morning? Then go to the gym and shower after that? Then once in the evening for good measure?

Ideally, we only want to wash our face twice a day because when overwashing will remove the natural and helpful oils that our skin needs. This leads to irritation and dryness. 

Finally, the type of cleansers you use on your face makes a difference. If you have oily skin, using cleansers with salicylic acid, which will help reduce breakouts. If you have dry skin, look for cleansers that add moisture like oily or creamy textured cleansers. And for our bearded gents, make sure you’re scrubbing the skin behind the hair. Improper cleansing of your skin underneath the beard can cause beard dandruff.